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Prague Perspectives

Prague Perspectives (II): A New Generation of Czech East European Studies

edited by Lukáš Babka and Petr Roubal

published by The National Library of the Czech Republic - Slavonic Library, Prague 2007

ISBN 978-80-7050-534-2



Part I: Literature, Art and Myth

Volkh Vseslavyevich: The Typological Relations of a Hero-Magus
Michal Téra

The Circle of Zealots of Piety and the Cultural Clash in the 17th Century
Michal Řoutil

Slavic Self-Interpretation in the Cashubian Literature Before 1945
Vladislav Knoll

Maksim Gorky and His Project History of the Factories
Tomáš Lipták

Woman or Man? Androgynous Bodies in the Soviet Culture of the 1930s
Inga Kokalevská

Emil Ciorian: Metaphysics of Transylvanian Melancholy
Tomáš Vašut

Ideology that Mattered: The Debates on Historical Materialism and Sociology in the USSR, Poland and Czechoslovakia, 1948–1968
Michael Voříšek

Part II: Contacts, Perception and Cultural Transfer

Russia in Croatian Slavism from the 16th to the 18th Century: Pribojević, Orbini, Vitezović, Križanić
Marek Příhoda

”Our Brothers from the South”: Czech Images of Montenegro and the Montenegrins before 1918 as an Example of a Positive Discourse on the Balkans
František Šístek

The Soviet Gulag and the Czechoslovak Experience
Lukáš Babka

The Czech Reflection of the Ukrainian Question 1918–1930
David Svoboda

The Analysis of the Soviet Intelligence Reports Concerning the Fall Barbarossa from November 1940 to June 1941
Jan Adamec

Yugoslav Cominform Exile in Czechoslovakia 1948–1954
Ondřej Vojtěchovský

Operation ”North”: Czechoslovak Security Apparatus and the Polish Crisis 1980–1984
Petr Blažek

Russia in the Era of B. Yeltsin: A Case Study of an Uncertain Regime
Jan Holzer & Petra Kuchyňková

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